Philip Chung is a 4th year Medical Student at UCSF. Prior to medical school he was a biomedical engineer and worked on development and clinical testing of digital health apps and medical devices. The Doctor Fix reinforces my observation that while the last 50 years of technological advances in medicine have dramatically improved patient care, many emerging technologies also hold the potential to cause harm by degrading the core doctor-patient relationship that is so special to health care. To stay true to the tenets of primum no nocere (First Do No Harm), my generation of physicians must step up to become stewards of medical technology disruption to ensure our health system continues to put patients first.


It’s an important story that needs to be told; a look behind the scenes into the world of doctors that is rarely seen. The Doctor Fix explores America’s evolving healthcare system. Through compelling scenes and in-depth interviews with patients, doctors, healthcare experts and stakeholders, this hour-long documentary reveals a profession in transition that impacts the lives of patients everywhere.

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