Consolidated Practices

Dr. George Lowe is a Medical Director in Maryland who established a model for consolidating and integrating private practitioners …

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Community Health

Dr. Lyn Jacobs is a community health center physician in Oregon who takes an immersive, preventative approach to her practice …

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Integrated Care

Dr. Angela Sparks is a family doctor at Group Health in Washington who worries about physician burn-out and has become a leader to help address these concerns …

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Medical Students

The film examines how Oregon Health Science University and University of California San Francisco are training medical students to meet the demands of 21st century health care...

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Solo Practitioner

Dr. Ripley Hollister is a solo practitioner in Colorado Springs struggling to keep up with new policy demands and patient load …

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It’s an important story that needs to be told; a look behind the scenes into the world of doctors that is rarely seen. The Doctor Fix explores America’s evolving healthcare system. Through compelling scenes and in-depth interviews with patients, doctors, healthcare experts and stakeholders, this hour-long documentary reveals a profession in transition that impacts the lives of patients everywhere.

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PBS stations nationwide are airing THE DOCTOR FIX: A NEW ERA of MODERN MEDICINE as part of their Fall 2017 programming schedule. Check the listings below for upcoming air dates, or view our event calendar for all air dates. Need help locating your local PBS station? Click here to find stations in your area.